Pray Egypt

pray egypt

Let us pray for Egypt, hoping to quickly return peacefully. Concern that there is no limit, for anyone. If the Muslim guys, give them a prayer and Al-fatihah. Even if you are not Muslim, it doesn’t hurt to give them care by praying or whatever. Do not we have a conscience? then let us empathize for Egypt. ‪#‎EgyptMassacre‬

and  I quote the words of Helvy Tiana Rossa

“Empathize with Egypt does not mean we are ignorant of their own country will matter, but because we are people of conscience, who cares and ungrateful. Anyway true that humanity will never know any limits, let alone just simply state….”

“Berempati pada Mesir bukan berarti kita abai akan persoalan negeri sendiri, tapi karena kita bangsa yang punya nurani, yang peduli dan tahu berterimakasih. Lagi pula sejatinya kemanusiaan itu tak akan pernah mengenal batas apapun, apalagi cuma sekadar negara….”

#SaveEgypt  #PrayForEgypt #EgyptMassacre

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